5 yrs imprisonment awaits me – FOR POSTING THIS EMAIL!!!

Yesterday, 5th June 2012 I received by post three documents relating to my ‘trial’ at ManCityMags on 29th May 2012.  One is a letter from Gerry Wareham of the Crown Persecution Service relating to the computer stolen from me by West Yorkshire Stazi Police.  I will tell of that in another email.  Another is a ‘Notice of fine & collection order’ telling me that I was fined £50 on one charge, £100 on another & costs of £500 against me, with the usual threats if I fail to pay by 26th June 2012.  More of that will be told in another email.
THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE THIRD ONE.  It is from Manchester & Salford Magistrates’ Court, Code 1723, Crown Square, Manchester M60 1PR.  Tel: 0161 830 4200, re Case number 061200160089 & dated 29 May 2012.  It PURPORTS to be a Court Order, though it carries neither name nor signature of a judge, no Court Seal, & is signed by some office boy or girl on behalf of Justices Clerk David Greensmith.  It is headed Restraining order   Order & continues:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  –
“This order is made to protect Jonathan Rose from further conduct which amounts to harassment.  Details of the Order: 1) Must not contact in any way Jonathan Rose or any member of his family.,  2)  Must not enter any Jewish Synagogue or Jewish Community Centre or loiter outside any such premises.,  3)  Must not enter any area in Leeds that is outlined in black on the attached map. This shall not apply when travelling through that area on public transport, without getting off that transport.,  4)  Not have in your possession in any public place any poster or leaflet which refers directly or indirectly to Jonathan Rose.,  5)  Must not distribute or instruct another to distribute any poster or leaflet that refers directly or indirectly to Jonathan Rose.,  6)  Must not write, post or upload to or upon any website or internet forum any comment that refers directly or indirectly (sic) Jonathan Rose.,  Prohibitions 1,2,4,5,6 to apply throughout England & Wales.
This order lasts until further order.
Warning  If you do not obey (sic) any part of this order you will commit an offence and may be sent to prison for up to five years.  You will commit the offence if you disobey this order even once.”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –    
NOTE 1:  One of my ‘offences’ is supposed to be ‘Racially Aggravated’.  Anyone who can read that into ANY of my words (written or spoken) is an illiterate idiot.
NOTE 2: These Restraining Orders are part of the very nasty legislation brought in by the mass murderers & war criminals of the Blair Regime; Brought in for what APPEARED to be good purpose, they were designed to be used as a weapon by the Police State.  The same goes for the ‘Victim Impact Statements’ (see below)  The message they send out is that if you kill anyone (either accidentally, in your car, or deliberately) it is much better if that person is an orphan without friends or relations.  That way there will no parade of people to say how they too have suffered, & you will get a lighter sentence.
NOTE 3:  The CPS used this legal trickery to introduce Jonathan Lee Rose’s Statement as a  ‘Victim Impact Statement’ (when it could not be challenged) rather than as a Witness Statement, when it could AND WOULD have been challenged!
Much of Rose’s ‘Victim Impact Statement’ was a whining, whimpering, snivelling document, but in paragraph 12 he says:
Every Jew, in every country has within him or her the most profound gratitude to those who fought the Nazis in the War, and fully appreciates the millions of lives lost in doing so.  We owe a deep debt of gratitude to those men and women and, living in the United Kingdom we acknowledge how the courage and bravery of servicemen from this country kept the Germans from invading, where failure would have meant that the Jews of the United Kingdom would likely have met the same fate of the millions who perished in the Nazi concentration camps.”
YET ROSE SHOWS HIS ‘GRATITUDE’ BY SENTENCING ONE OF THOSE MEN TO 6 MONTHS IN A HELL-HOLE PRISON!    Now, because I have sent this email, AND will publish it on my blog, he wants me to be sent there FOR FIVE YEARS!!!   Well, they’ll have to catch me first.
Norman Scarth.
PS:  Talk about stupid!!  Rose claimed that I must have gone to an awful lot of trouble to find out that he was President of the United Hebrew Congregation.   Not at all:  The reference book ‘Who’s Who’ (containing potted biographies of those considerd to be important people) is available in all public libraries.  ALL judges of Circuit level & above are in it, with names of parents, date of birth, education, career, positions held, marriages, divorces, offspring, books published, hobbies etc. etc.  I did not know where he lived, though the fact that while on bail I was banned from entering the large Leeds 17 area indicated that he lived within it.  Now, having sent me a map of the much smaller area from which I am now banned, it is fair gues that he lives near the centre of that triangular area of about one & a half miles each side, i.e. within a half mile or so radius of Moortown water tower & Roundhay Park.  Not a large area if I were minded to search for the very nasty but quite pathetic creature – which I’m not!  

PPS:  This is being sent to some of the large number of people on the The State Payroll who have been (EXPENSIVELY!) used in this persecution, in the hope that just one of them might have a prick of conscience at what they are prepared to do to draw their salaries & protect their pensions.    Personally, I would rather starve in the gutter than do what they do.  NS.


2 Responses to 5 yrs imprisonment awaits me – FOR POSTING THIS EMAIL!!!

  1. Grandma B says:

    So a small, ill, 86 year-old man handing out pieces of paper to passers-by is such a threat to the British state that it needs to deploy all these resources to silence him? If we did not know it was true, it would be difficult to believe.

    The same police officers are complaining that government spending cuts are affecting front-line services so much, they have to withdraw police officers from the streets and that crime levels will increase.

    Am I the only person that thinks there is something not quite right in this reasoning?

    May I make a sujggestion to the chief officers of West Yorkshire Police? How about diverting the resources you are using to torment an old man, whose only apparent “fault” is to draw attaention to the fact you are utterly corrupt, which is surely in the public interest, and instead use the resources you obtain from the public pursue to act in the public interest and restore the rule of law to the streets of Britain?

  2. ALBERT says:

    Sad thing about all this is that poor old Norman is quite alone….when in fact the whole nation should be up in arms over his treatment.

    But then that said this is Britain 2012, where as far as the public are concerned, footie, the wide screen and soaps rule.

    Yet id it were not for peo0ple like Norman we would really be firmly under the Jackboot….or indeed perhaps we are right now, only they have been re-manufactured to look like bedroom slippers!

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