ManCityMags 29/5/12 9.45am. Taffe; Masters Eyre & Cook@RCJ; Treasury Solicitor.

To DJ Taffe at Manchester City Magistrates’ Court, Stephen Jones of the Treasury Solicitor’s Office, Master Eyre & Master Cook at the RCJ.
The only response to the messages below is a message from Stepen Bradley saying that my request to postpone the case till 2pm “has been put before DJ Taffe, who has stated that the case must go ahead at 9.45am as originally listed.  He is satisfied that you, Mr Scarth are aware of the case, & should be here as directed.”  Taffe (masquerading as a magistrate) completely ignores the vitally important points I raise in the messages below about the Right to a Fair Hearing (as required by Article 6 of the ECtHR & the 1998 HRA – to say nothing of Natural Justice!).  That he should  condone the extra-judicial criminality of Jonathan Lee Rose (colluding with Stazi-like police & collaborators Incommunities Ltd.) in the theft of my computer etc. (containing evidence vital for my defence) makes him party to the crime of Perverting the Course of Jusice.
IT IS AN ILLUMINATING COINCIDENCE that on 25/5/12, the same day as the message from Taffe, I received one from Stephen Jones of the Treasury Solicitor’s Office, in which he says, “Dear Mr Scarth, Further to my letter to you of 23 April 2012, I would be grateful if you could give me a call to discuss the hearing on 29/06/2012 at 12pm and the case in general.  I have tried to contact you by telephone but I am unable to leave a message.  Kind regards,  Stephen 
Stephen Jones, Litigation A1

T 020 7210 2915| F 020 7210 3250

Treasury Solicitor’s Department

One Kemble Street | London | WC2B 4TS

DX 123242 KINGSWAY.       

The Treasury Solicitor is acting for the Defendants in opposing my High Court Claim against The British State for £10,000,000, not by any means an extravagant claim, considering it relates to SIXTEEN YEARS OF PERSECUTION from the age of 70 (this malicious prosecution in Manchester being a continuation of it at the age of 86!)    Why should Jones want to speak to me on the telephone?  He knows I am in Ireland.  Why is he afraid to put what he has to say in print?   He ends with “Kind Regards”:  What hypocrisy!  This is the man who, in his Application to have my Claim struck out, uses sneers & insults, with the hackneyed accusation (as used by ALL lawyers against ALL Litigants In Person) that it is ‘An Abuse of the Process of the Law’.  With our ‘adversarial system’ it is perhaps understandable (though NOT excusable) that he should use this legal trickery.   However, that Master Eyre & Master Cook at the Royal Courts of Justice should leave their SUPPOSEDLY impartial position, enter the arena & join Jones in that accusation is outrageous.  They, like all their kind, are determined to do their best to stop this horror story ever being heard by a jury.   They quote the Civil Procedure Rules.  Those Rules followed Lord Woolf’s Access to Justice Report.   Like so much else brought in by the mass murderers & war criminals of Lawyer Blair’s Regime, they are used to do the exact opposite, ESPECIALLY  when MIS-used by such as Eyre & Cook.

It is notable that in his 1995 Interim Report Lord Woolf himself said “The LIP who has taken the trouble to study the law (& present his case well) will find the rules are flouted by the opposing lawyer AND THAT THIS IS CONDONED BY THE JUDGE”! (my emphasis)   That of course is in gross breach of the Judicial Oath which they swore as a condition of their appointment – & the salary that goes with it!  At the very least that is surely obtaining money by false pretences?     
It is even more notable that Lord Woolf left that out of his Final Report, published about three years later.  No doubt he had been jumped on by his colleagues for letting the cat out of the bag?

The situation described above shows all too clearly how ‘Justice’ works only one way in Britain:  What purport to be the ‘Forces of Law & Order’ will use any & every means, legal or illegal to silence anyone who dares to speak the truth and/or expose corruption.  Yet the Litigant In Person who has been wronged & seeks a remedy in the courts (civil or criminal) will find he is obstructed at every step by the professionals.  Taffe was the fourth of five District Judges who used their ‘discretion’ unlawfully in refusing to issue summonses against those who had committed serious crime against me.   Yet when it comes to this malicious prosecution, rather than continue with the case in my absence on 23rd February 2012, as I had requested, he gloried in issuing a warrant for my arrest – WITHOUT BAIL!

Master Cook has said that if I am unable to make the journey from Ireland to the RCJ on 29th June 2012 I must appoint a lawyer.  Some of you will be aware that I garnered several email addresses of people in the Law Society & the Bar Council, sent a message reminding them of the debt they owe to those like me, & asking if they knew any lawyer with conscience & courage enough to defend me against the malicious prosecution & represent me in my civil actions.  So far there has been no response.   No surprise there!  As Honoray Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society I have much more experience than just my own, & speak with authority in saying that the hatred of lawyers for the LIP equals that of the Nazis for the Jews.  So great is this hatred that a lawyer who acts for a person who has ever been a LIP will do so only to stitch him up.   Sad, but all too true.

Norman Scarth.

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