To Manchester City Magistrates’ Court – AND to the Nation!

Even if I could overcome my fear of those who so abuse their power in today’s Britain sufficiently to set foot in England, after the trauma of fleeing their persecution, I do not have strength enough left to travel back all the way over the sea to Manchester.  In the event that this malicious prosecution is allowed to go ahead, I ask that  Mr. Keith Dewsnup should speak on my behalf.  It SHOULD be enough to say if Taffe or some other District Judge goes ahead with this KNOWING THE POLICE & CPS ARE DENYING ME my stolen computer (& the material on it needed for my defence), then such DJ is himself party to the crime of ‘PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE, which is subject to life imprisonment.   If there is even the PRETENCE of law in Manchester, they MUST declare ‘NO CASE TO ANSWER’, the warrant for my arrest be withdrawn, costs which reflect the malice of the prosecution & the trauma inflicted on me should be awarded to me.   All communications with me should be by email.   If something MUST be sent by post, it should be sent to:
Mr. Norman Scarth, C/o. 14 Willow Park Crescent, ATHLONE, Co. Westmeath, Republic of Ireland. 


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