Those lovely people at the RCJ have issued my Claims!!!

by email from Norman Scarth
Problem: how am I going to spend all this money?  

Shortly before I was forced to flee the land of my birth I lodged with the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice two Claims:  One was against three Secretaries of State for £10,000,000 for 17 years of persecution.  The other was against Incommunities Ltd. (the landlords of the block of ‘Sheltered’[??] Housing where I lived) for £200,000 for Breach of Contract.   Blatant obstruction from the Fees Office was tiresome & time wasting, but after I pointed out the criminality of their conduct, it appears they backed down & allowed the Claims to go through.  They have been given case numbers (HQ12X00738 for the £10m & HQ12X763 for the £200k) & ‘issued’.  It appears to be ‘Master Eyre’ who has authorised the Issuing, but he has appended a VERY strange Note to each of them: “(1) There is leave to issue this claim-form.  (2) The Claimant must serve the claim-form, and  must do so within 4 months of the date on which the claim-form is shown by the seal as issued.   (3)  However, the claim-form must not be served without the permission of the Assigned Master.  (4)  The Claimant must obtain that permission by attending the Assigned Master in any Practice taken by him (the office here can give details).”

I find this very strange indeed & suspect that (3) & (4) are illegal.  Could it be a ruse to get me to leave my safe haven so that I can be arrested?  I am minded to ignore 3 & 4 & serve the claim-forms on the Defendants anyway.  I would be grateful for the thoughts of any of you about that. 

Norman Scarth.

PS:  Will inform you of my whereabouts in the next message.  (Though better, Internet is still very slow here).

PPS:  How to spend all the money?  THAT is the least of my problems:  You can be sure there will be more skulduggery to come!   


One Response to Those lovely people at the RCJ have issued my Claims!!!

  1. Norman, please don’t publicise your whereabouts.

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