When will you expose the Legal / Judicial Mafia?

by Norman Scarth via email

To ALL the so-called ‘News Media’ – Press, TV & Radio:  As the text with this video says, you expose cowboy builders, car repairers & the like, but NEVER expose the biggest crooks of all, the Legal/Judicial Mafia, who operate  the most successful Protection Racket in the world!
My father fought for his King & Country in the Great War & worked honestly & hard all his life.  I fought for my King & Country in World War II & have also worked honestly & hard all my life.  Yet the persecution inflicted on me for the last 17 years by this Mafia is increasing to such an extent that at the age of 86 I have been forced to flee the land of my birth & seek asylum in the Republic of Ireland.
Norman Scarth (veteran of the Arctic Russian Convoys & the Scharnhorst battle of WW2. Only 200 of us left now)



2 Responses to When will you expose the Legal / Judicial Mafia?

  1. Albert Dickson says:

    Over the past few years the BBC whom I highly respected has been exposed to me for what it truly is. At first I did not believe it, but gradually the further I studied things the truth of the matter began to unfold

    The despicable BBC is nothing more that part of the government controlled media. many may disagree with me as it is their right to do so. All I would ask is that if anyone is concerned enough……just study the situation for yourselves, you may be very surprised.

    I have a law Masters Degree, an LLM. i have seen lawyers at their best and worse and believe me either way, in general they are a bunch of shysters with hardly one of them giving a toss for justice over what they call law. British law today is an absolutely insulting system callously operating under the charade of what is known as law………………… but its not law…ITS THE RULES OF SOCIETY ENFORCED TO KEEP THE PUBLIC IN ORDER AND THE STATUS QUO IN COMFORT!

    When law has no justice its simply a means of enforcing oppression.

    However the public, or sheeple, seem happy enough to put up with it!

  2. daftaida says:

    remarkable that not having a birth certificate (a bond of debt) is such big news when they were a fairly recent invention being gradually introduced over the past 120 years. we are programmed by the BBC to believe life was always the way it is and few are old enough to remember a time without them. they remember the ration books alright and the ID papers but in 20 years from now, will think being chipped at birth slaved for life and recycled at 30 will have always been so.

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