Police Seeking the Fugitive Norman Scarth

It is our understanding after attending his hearing recently where an arrest warrant was issued without bail, the ‘authorities’ are aware that Norman Scarth is out of the country.

The Police have decided to start doing house searches within the land mass known as England.

The first report of this is yesterday (12 03 12) at 08:15am when they knocked on the door of Tracey Zareie where it is reported by her via her facebook page entry later that day, that the Police carried out a search of her home in their relentless pursuit to capture the criminal mastermind Norman Scarth.

There is no evidence to support Norman Scarth being there, we can only assume that this is some sort of intimidation technique against those that have been keen observers, and there was an apparant warrant to search the premesis, although this may still be deemed as a breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 which guarantees a person privacy in their home.

To be conducting house to house inquiries for an 86 year old man who was handing out leaflets, to find him and to lock him up, can only be looked on as some sort of bizarre persecution by the state considering that the ‘complainant’ is a Judge and a member of their club.

This also means that any ‘trial’ of Norman Scarth for handing out the leaflets is met with ‘bias’, this is a breach of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 which provides in Law a guarantee of an ‘independent’ tribunal.

If it is found that any more homes are searched without warrants then complaints and Private Prosecutions may be taken out against any Police officer breaching a persons rights, being that we are all equal in Law.


6 Responses to Police Seeking the Fugitive Norman Scarth

  1. Earlier today on Tracey Zareie’s facebook page we found this, please read and make your own mind up about whether the Police’s actions are intimidation or investigation;

    “Hi Uncle Norman,

    I do hope u r ok, Have u found ur self suitable accommodation yet ??

    Hope ur finding ur new surrounding interesting. Where ever you maybe I am sure it is better than here.

    It is now after 1 am, managed to borrow Meena’s computer, lol
    I had a visitor this morning, no sorry 3 VISITORS. They came to see me quite unexpected and uninvited. They brayed on my door at 8:15 this morning when I was fast asleep in my bed and was woken by the noise. I looked out my bedroom window ,only to see a police man looking back up at me. This set my heart racing, my first thought was ,Oh no not again. I put on my gown and made my way down stairs and found the key and unlocked the door. This is when I realised they were 3 of them.
    They obviously knew who I was, asked if they could come in so I obliged, I think had I refused they would have come in anyway. They had a warrant to search my home. And no prizes for guessing who they were looking for, None other than Mr Norman Scarth, a little 86 year old man who had not attended court in Manchester 2 weeks earlier, I was informed by the officers that a warrant to arrest him without bail had been issued by the court for non attendance.

    The officers looked around my home, in every room, even the cold damp cellar. I told them it was a waste of police time but some how I don’t think they agreed with me. After they questioned me about my association with Norman they said it would be better if I kept my distance from him, for my own good!!
    They left and assured me that I should not be bothered again over this matter since they did not find Norman and no evidence to suggest he had been here.
    I mentioned to them that I had still not been given my computer back from when they arrested me and came to my home without my knowledge while I was in custody. I must admit they did seem abit surprised and asked had I been charged with anything, I replied nothing all charges were dropped, they did not seem to understand why my computer was still being kept.

    Not much more to add to this except, was told to tell you if I speak to u or know your whereabouts then to tell you to hand your self in.

    Regards Tracey


  2. Albert Dickson says:

    I think its long over due for the British Spring. People should realise that if they can do this to an 86 year old war veteran…then this is the first step towards an “anything goes” authoritarian government without recourse to any remedy in law especially Human Rights legislation!

    Time for people to wake up!

  3. Grandma B says:

    Sadly, Norman’s case is not isolated. The authorities in Britain are systematically abusing its vulnerable citizens – from supplying handicapped children to paedophiles for gang rapes (google “Hollie Greig”), to plundering the assets of isolated, old people (google “The Abuse of Grandma B”).

    The Police and Social Services do not even deny accusations of corruption made in Parliament. See:


    We already have an “anything goes” authoritarian government in Britain. We need to see to it the rule of law gets restored.

    • Albert says:

      How right you are Grandma B, the authorities are tightening the knot around our necks a little more each day and yet the people will never accept this to be true.

      Britain needs a thorough clean out from the top down and fast, If it does not happen soon it will never be able to happen and all sense of justice and everything else will be lost.

  4. Grandma B says:

    Thank you for your comment.

    Until something like this happens to you, it is difficult to believe it is going on. Then when you have been through all the official complaints procedures, expecting somebody, somewhere in authority will stop this systematic abuse of the vulnerable people concerned, but find they will not do so, but instead try to arrest you for complaining and have to flee the country to evade arrest, because the corruption goes right up to the top, it becomes difficult to know what to do.

    Fortunately, Grandma B has good friends, hence the Parliamentary Questions.

    The fraud investigator has also accumulated enough evidence for a successful prosecution of every chief officer of North Yorkshire Police, dozens of other officers, every member of North Yorkshire Police Authority, the entire senior management of the City of York Council, members of both the City of York and North Yorkshire County Councils, etc., etc.

    The government of the once proud country of Britain is in the hands of a crime syndicate, but people are chewing through the knot and it is now very frayed.

    Good always triumphs over evil, although getting there may be a nightmare.

    • Albert Dickson says:

      Its about time people are waking to the fact that its the authorities who are the abuses of the law and justice system in order to get want they want out of it. There is no logic left in the UK as to how the police and justice system works. Even the IPPC has been bought also the Information Commission is there to protect the authorities ,matters not what the law says.

      I trust this incident with Norman will make people wake up to the fact that they are being taken for a great big ride1

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