Prisoner A1903CF

Norman Scarth

The Three Good Men Litigation Team

Rusty, Loki and Chris

Campaign Co-ordinator (INTERNATIONAL)

Jean James

Legal consultant, spokesman and Campaign Co-ordinator (DOMESTIC)

Chris Jarvis

Blog creation and media campaign

Tony Murray

Big Red Bus campaign driver

Paul Talbot-Jenkins

There is a large ‘Team Norman‘ and we would like to thank everyone involved, in particular John Hemming MP who has helped to push Norman’s plight forward with both assistance and media relations.  Rusty the man has worked tirelessly to assist in the Legal application including driving from Leeds to London to hand service the application on the Royal Courts of Justice.

Thanks to Force4justice, Escapee, WeAreChange Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, Victims Unite.

There are many more people involved, please contact us if you wish to be listed on this page, as we must make people aware that there are some members of this team that wish to remain anonymous and we thank them too for their contributions.

If you have not contributed in anyway please help spread the word about the Unlawful detention of our friend Norman Scarth.


One Response to Credits

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you so much to everyone who did such excellent work, and turned out to show their concern. Let’s hope that, in the future, groups can pull together to create change, just as they did on August 13. You are all great!


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