Norman Scarth Appeal at the Appeals Court London this Friday

December 7, 2011

Norman Scarth will be at the Appeal Court on Friday, Case 2011/04646 B1 in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London this 9th December 2011.

Please spread the word to support him once again as this time he goes for the Appeal of his Conviction.

Norman Scarth was never able to Appeal his Conviction at the earlier hearing on the 9 September 2011, this due to apparently being forced contracted when the result was that he was released as the Appeal was only addressing the fact that he was in Prison unfairly and therefore it was only the Prison Sentence that was ever Quashed.

This is another chance to address the issue of recording in Court, especially given that at the earlier hearings it was only ever proven that Norman had a recording device, but was never proven that it was being used, and being that if it was, there was, and still is a case for ‘necessity’ due to the perceived corruption going on within the Court room which ultimately could have ended in a loss of life for such an elderly gentleman of 86, as Norman Scarth is, if a Judge, as he did chose to send him to Prison to acheive the end result of silencing him.

Generally, if ‘necessity’ can be proven in a case it is due to the fact that there is a life or death situation and that by taking the action that is deemed as being ‘necessary’ to prevent loss of life, an action that may be considered a breach of Law is then considered as not being a breach of Law in that situation “as, ‘necessity’ knows no Law“.


This coming Friday at the Royal Courts of Justice

September 5, 2011

The Law team have just received a telephone call from the Court of Appeal in London to let them know that Norman Scarth will be once again appearing via video link which was agreed due to the frailty of his condition.

In the matter of Appeal in the Criminal Division of the Royal Courts of Justice, Applications will be made against his conviction and also for Bail but not much can be said other than this due to not wishing to prejudice the out come of the case as we state again that we might not like what we find in the Courts, but we must try, and try again until we overturn the tyranny and reassert our rights as men and women of this once Honourable land.

Norman Scarth’s appeal hearing will be in Court 5 at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London on Friday 9th September 2011 at 10:30am, and we would like all to attend or show support in anyway you can.

Facebook event

We hold our hats off to the good folk in Manchester who could not make it due to expense, to the last hearing we had in London, as they took the time out to increase awareness about Norman Scarth’s plight locally and by the look of some of the videos on you tube it would seem that they enjoyed doing so, and we encourage anyone else who cannot make it to London to film your own protest in Norman’s name, especially as it would appear that Sky News are running a campaign to have Court rooms televised, something that Norman would wholeheartedly encourage we are sure given his current plight of being held Unjustly due to recording in a Court room, something held as an apparent Offence by the Courts and used to hold men and woman in Prison under Contempt Laws.

Norman Scarth Lawful Rebel

September 2, 2011

85 yr old WW2 veteran Norman Scarth is serving a 6 month sentence for audio recording a trial after being refused an audio loop for the hard of hearing. He is up for Appeal on Friday 9th September in Court 5 at 10:30am in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London.

We found the above on the internet, we see this as part of the wider team effort and thank those for their support.

Please consider making a donation to the Law team, as they are travelling from Leeds, and Manchester respectively, to London and donating their own time, knowledge and effort free, for them to be out of pocket would be unfair as they may be helping you next, they are not making a profit and any excess monies will be gifted to Norman Scarth who himself will scrutinise everything upon release and give comment. Every little helps as Tesco say.  Click here to make your donation.

The next Court hearing for Norman Scarth

August 29, 2011

We are waiting once again for an update from the Court, or from Norman Scarth himself, although he probably will not find out until just before himself, against all principles of Law, Order and Justice, for the next hearing which will be Norman Scarth’s Appeal hearing as Ordered by Mr Justice Wyn Williams to be heard the first Open day of Court in September, but refrained to say which Court.

We will post updates as soon as we track this one down, as it could be either Leeds, Manchester or London, possibly Friday 2nd September 10:30am, where bail pending appeal could be applied for once again.

Thanks to all those that have donated, we have a total of £120 at the time of writing, and every little bit helps to pay travel fees for the Law team, and other related costs, as they donate their time and effort free of charge as many do in the larger picture of Team Norman and in the name Norman Scarth and Freedom and Justice for all.

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