Norman Scarth forced to seek asylum in Hitler’s Homeland!!!!!!!!!

World War II veteran Norman Scarth served on the Arctic Russian Convoys & in the Scharnhorst battle. Few of those men are left now, & the nation PURPORTS to regard them as ‘Heroes’ (though he never makes that claim). He was proud to be British until the age of 70, when he started to learn that Britain was not the land for which he thought he was fighting all those years ago. In particular, he leaned that corruption is rampant in the British courts. In memory of all those who had died around him in WW2, he could not turn his back & made it his mission in life to expose the corruption. It has proved to be a very dangerous mission: The Judicial Mafia do not LIKE being exposed, & have given their police boot boys carte blanche to do whatevr they can to silence him. In collusion, they have used treachery beyond belief. Norman Scarth has been forced to flee the country & is hoping to gain asylum in Hitler’s Homeland, Austria! he has had enough after more than 15 years of persecution which became serious after 1997 when he stood for Parliament & published the book, ‘Cause for Concern’. It became life-threatening after his single-handed success in the European court of Human Rights brought a vital change in British law, a change much hated by lawyers & judges. He would now like to live what few months or years are left to him without the constant fear of the last 15 years in Quisling ruled Britain. On 23rd February he was due to appear in Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on another malicious charge, but by that time had fled the country, saying they will have to proceed in his absence. He has lodged a Statutory Declaration with the court, statingdavid, inter alia, that Quisling Laws & Quisling Courts have no authority in Britain, & says to whoever is presiding, “Do your worst – & nobody knows better than me how evil that worst can be! ‘Perfidious Albion’ was never more so than now!”

STOP PRESS: It is understood the judge who presided refused to proceed with the case in his absence, & has ordered the arrest of this 86 year old Arctic Convoy Hero, & that if caught he must not be given bail. We presume he has alerted Interpol? And the ‘crime’ committed by this World war II veteran? Offering leaflets!!! Will the British People ever wake up to the savagery of the State they live in? It is beginning to look most unlikely. (Norman Scarth’s Youtube Channel) (Keith Dewsnup’s Youtube Channel)


2 Responses to Norman Scarth forced to seek asylum in Hitler’s Homeland!!!!!!!!!

  1. alex says:

    It’s a sad day to learn, dear ol` Norman had to leave the country he fought & would have died for…at 86 years old!…Reading the drivel put forth by Rose, et al…what a pathetic -“murder of crows” these presiding vicious & vile vultures represent…These parasites are clearly aided & abetted by the “Puppeteers”of the ‘totalitarian-tip-toe’ of the Fascist/Common Purpose -New World Order “Quislings” that hide in the shadows of the ‘Shadow Govn’t’…
    Little do they know… that they too, will be discarded along the way, as “insignificants” by the ‘high & mighty’ inbred psychopath/sociopath 1%; that are following an insidiously diabolical blueprint laid out by elite eugenicists of the early1900s to foist an incremental genocide on us all….(they’ll keep just enough of us as slaves)… Norman awakened & saw through it all at & 70 yrs. old…sadly most of his countrymen are mind-drained by the “Idiot Box” that puts them all under a sleepy, hypnotic, spell … while oblivious to their rights & freedoms burning & turning to smoke all around them, squeezing a strangle hold ever tighter around our collective hearts, like cold blooded pythons.
    There IS a conspiracy of such vast proportions that it is unbelievable to the unenlightened…Believe it!!! All its going to take…is the sheer weight of the “awakened” to reverse the tipping point back in our direction…We are the many…they are the few!
    Good Luck Norman-where ever you are…

  2. DaftAida says:

    In 2005 I attended a talk by Sir Anthony Wedgewood Benn whom I had long admired as a brilliant orator and voice of sanity against insane policies. I’m clear now on his controlled opposition role so brilliantly played; a pied piper extraordinaire, so afford him his full and proper title in service to the realm.

    Anyway, I was at that time attempting to ‘route’ him out as I couldn’t understand how he’d managed to thrive when others have not survived voicing such criticisms.

    I asked him via mic, where we, the English would go, if we had to seek assylum. It remains a valid question.

    He, in turn, answered as if he misheard what I had said or the meaning of what I had said, blaming it on ‘hard of hearing’ y’know at his age, and all. A common and clever ruse.

    His answer was irrelevant as he went on about inter-racial relations and how his grandchildren are of mixed race blah di blah.

    I had no right of reply. My word, I do admire Norman for boldly seeking assylum in Austria! But then, the stuff Norman is made of is the very stuff that the warmatrix operators so horribly manipulated to bring this country down to the level of the unlawful bestial Noahide Laws which are nothing short of a recipe for genocide on the ‘gentiles’.

    Whilst the Stephen Lawrence Affair now goes into super fund-raising mode, flogging a very dead horse, the very freedoms that Norman sacrificed to realise, have been consistantly skewed to ensure a complete suppression of free speech and right relations under Law through ‘special needs/interest groups’. Norman fought for one and all for the right to speak and live freely and that very freedom then gave the ‘right’ of fascists to impose their religions, laws and bestial customs on their host population. Here, immigration helped their cause in recruiting loyalty to the state and antipathy towards the indiginous population.

    Norman’s plight and flight (can hardly believe the charge against him for outright buffoonery and Jew-ish paranoid hysterics posing as ‘sensitivity’) highlights the tragi-comedy of the ass the law has become but boy, that document revealing the prose of Rose should be circulated far and wide to become the thorn in these devil’s backsides!

    What an inspiration.

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