Norman scarth updated & corrected

85 yr old WW2 veteran Norman Scarth is serving a 6 month sentence for audio recording a trial after being refused an audio loop for the hard of hearing.

He is up for Appeal on Friday 9th September in Court 5 at 10:30am in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London, please show your support by attending on the day, bring banners and placards, cameras and positive energy.


3 Responses to Norman scarth updated & corrected

  1. Leslie Holt says:

    Today the MOD stand chastised for their complicity in torture. Where the elite among the distance themselves from these acts of inhumanity of whom are complicit. Today Is the turn of the judiciary to stand in the limelight where they are being questions asked by the people concerning the representatives using and abusing the power of the courts to further their own ends and which bring the Royal Courts Ministering into disrepute where our Queen herself refuses to act on the evidence presented to her personally. This shows the depths to which the master elite have sunk in their ministering that is and has corrupted human commerce globally. Let there be justice seen to be done and let the people of the world see it being done!
    “Deep insights into our world”

  2. linphil57 says:

    I do not support the gov by locking up this chap. I can only imagine that they’re doing it as pay back because of his bravery in WW2, it delayed euorpe annexing us – till now. Current servicemen and women shoulh take note, who will stop them doing this to you in the future? Let my people go – n start with Norman

  3. David Cameron called the Russians corrupt today, on his visit to Russia.

    After delivering the first speech by a British prime minister in Russia since 2006, Mr Cameron said that British businesses wanted to work in Russia but had “real” concerns that held them back. He said they needed to “have faith that the state, the judiciary and the police will protect their hard work and not put the obstacles of bureaucracy, regulation and corruption in their way”.

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