Letter from Private Secretary (to the Queen) to Norman Scarth

Letter dated 31 August 2011 from Buckingham Palace to Norman Scarth


3 Responses to Letter from Private Secretary (to the Queen) to Norman Scarth

  1. I hope this is giving credibility to Normans plight & trepidation to those responsible.

  2. Debra says:

    Norman Scarth was released from prison today.

    E2 responded to Scarth’s letter to her by forwarding his plea for mercy to the Ministry of Justice.
    Upholding the Coronation Oath, Scarth’s letter in his case emphasized “Mercy”, shown to work.

  3. Sept.9th:………….Aye for one! ,,,,One for all!….I will sleep better knowing he`s out……It really did get my kettle boiling as to the extreme injustice perpetrated ‘by the justice’………The “black-wall” did surround, Rose & Wyn, as to their exoneration of any “wrong doing” was rhetorically promulgated & whitewashed appropriately;…..whilst casting aspersions, regarding Normans mental health, as – exhibiting a “delusional personality disorder”& coming under the ‘New World Order’ pet retort of “conspiracy theorist”( meant to rhyme with ‘nut case’)……..The TRUTH is as beautiful as sunshine; after a long & dark bout of inclement weather………I for one, do not share their dismissive & flippant evaluation ……………I would like to thank Her Majesty………. if a “winks as good as a nod”.
    regarding her attention to Normans petition & plight…… with subsequent redirection to the appropriate Minister of Justice thereby shedding light on his inappropriate incarceration…I would like to think that kindness & virtue prevailed …. Good Luck Norman! I would have been honored to have you as my grandfather any day……Alex …..aellinson@citywest.ca

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