Norman Scarth Lawful Rebel

85 yr old WW2 veteran Norman Scarth is serving a 6 month sentence for audio recording a trial after being refused an audio loop for the hard of hearing. He is up for Appeal on Friday 9th September in Court 5 at 10:30am in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London.

We found the above on the internet, we see this as part of the wider team effort and thank those for their support.

Please consider making a donation to the Law team, as they are travelling from Leeds, and Manchester respectively, to London and donating their own time, knowledge and effort free, for them to be out of pocket would be unfair as they may be helping you next, they are not making a profit and any excess monies will be gifted to Norman Scarth who himself will scrutinise everything upon release and give comment. Every little helps as Tesco say.  Click here to make your donation.


2 Responses to Norman Scarth Lawful Rebel

  1. An innocent family (U.K.) was broken into…children traumatized & led out of their house in their underwear- guns held to their heads by a swat team in black balaclavas…handcuffed in some surreal nightmare……all because some sick f*#k phoned the police with contrived information of their alleged participation in the riots….which was totally untrue!, …The same thing happened to poor `ol Norman via the same type of thuggery …(see the photos of his legs?)……..Think of the Liar`s(lawyers) & Magistrates–Banksters…Illegal WAR prosecution by the “Mucky-Mucks” in parliament…fraud (with impunity) perpetrated by the same…Raids by the IMF on sovereignty assets , held in public trusts….Perhaps we, the people, that are paying for all this; should put the ” shoe on the other foot” & start dragging the people in charge of this neo-Nazi style fascist prosecution ,-you know, the ones lurking in the shadows “calling the shots”(quite literally)….out into public view .Then put them into 3- hole- stocks, in public squares & supply the passing public with bushels of over ripe tomatoes!…Then do exactly what they are doing to Norman …but this time in the Hague …for crimes against humanity!….They are the few ….we are the many!….though ruled like sheep…by a shepherd & his dogs….all in the darkness….between our ears..-.Wake up the comatose…albeit gently & lets pour some sunshine into “Bat Cave”…that rules us…..Take a minute..think of Norman & send some love to light up his cell…I bet he feels the warmth……

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