The next Court hearing for Norman Scarth

We are waiting once again for an update from the Court, or from Norman Scarth himself, although he probably will not find out until just before himself, against all principles of Law, Order and Justice, for the next hearing which will be Norman Scarth’s Appeal hearing as Ordered by Mr Justice Wyn Williams to be heard the first Open day of Court in September, but refrained to say which Court.

We will post updates as soon as we track this one down, as it could be either Leeds, Manchester or London, possibly Friday 2nd September 10:30am, where bail pending appeal could be applied for once again.

Thanks to all those that have donated, we have a total of £120 at the time of writing, and every little bit helps to pay travel fees for the Law team, and other related costs, as they donate their time and effort free of charge as many do in the larger picture of Team Norman and in the name Norman Scarth and Freedom and Justice for all.


8 Responses to The next Court hearing for Norman Scarth

  1. alex says:

    wish I could afford to be philanthropic to the max- but like most of my “ILK”…I`ve never ever been (sic)-“good with $”….Seem to lack the ” killer-instinct” necessary to accumulate more than what I need beyond any given season…. y`know -take what you need & leave the rest for whoever follows……..Good Luck

  2. alex says:

    I tried to leave a message with the editor of the Queens web site-asking to “whom” this concerns that he/she,remind the Queen that (ret.)Seaman Norman Scarth had sent her a petition asking, that she would consider his egregious & unjust incarceration in one of her dungeons & to remedy this error at her earliest convenience. He had served her family by putting his life on the line, on many occasions, to serve God & Country & is now trying to expose the corruption existing in Her Majesty`s Government & Judiciary……respectively …etc…etc………….to which I received a page long litany of negations as to the denial of access via the myriad checks & balances of a “commoners”-entreaty of the Queen……so I guess I was thoroughly chastised as to my impunity of such daring & impropriety……go figure! …you should try it some time….maybe leave a message with that bloke who managed to climb through her window, a few years ago, as to when his next visit might be?…All the best & your`s truly……….

  3. Jimmy says:

    I see Ms. Watson today ditched all this FMOTL malarkey, got herself a proper lawyer and is on her way home.

    I’m just saying…

  4. Jimmy says:

    No arguments there.

    There’s a lot of it about.

    God bless you for trying but it’s just not happening is it? Get the old man a brief and let him go home.

  5. Who is Ms. Watson? & what does she have to do with Norman?…R U on the wrong site?

  6. Jimmy says:

    I believe she and the site owner are old friends. Sort of. Not sure how but they may have been at law school together.

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