Salford Online features Norman’s Plight

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Posted by guest on 25th August 2011 at 04:07 PM

Video: Salford protest against jailed OAP
Today at Salford Magistrates Court a small group of protesters gathered to speak out about an 85-year old WW2 veteran who was recently jailed.

In July Norman Scarth was jailed for six months at Leeds prison for recording audio in a court of law.

Born in 1926, Norman was one of the men that sank the Nazi battlecruiser Scharnhorst and is well known as a political firebrand.

An online petition for his release has over 2,100 signatures.

Keith Dewsnup, a Salford community reporter, is heading the campaign to get the elderly “battleaxe” out of prison.

He said: “We fear for his welfare – he’s not getting any exercise, he suffers from muscles cramps and he’s being denied his medication.”

The protest group heard as we were concluding our interview that Norman would not be freed.

But the protest will continue.

“I planned to make this Norman Scarth week, but now we’ll just have to make it Norman Scarth month,” said Keith.


3 Responses to Salford Online features Norman’s Plight


    I believe that we all should wake up over Norman because as sadly dreadful as this matter is, it is far more grave than just about dear old Norman.

    What Norman has illuminated is the depth of evil corruption and depravity within the whole administration of Britain, not just the perversion of morality and integrity of the so called administration of justice.

    There is now a complete breakdown of breach of trust between the people of Britain and the government, the only solution for which is now to remove the government and its whole sordid system of oppressive bureaucracy.

    If we do not revolt I fear that there will be many more cases similar to Norman concerning those who oppose this aberrant system.

    If they can treat an 85 year old this way imaging what they would do to you and yours!

    Britain is already a broken nation, but if we act now we just maybe able to put the pieces back together, leave it for much longer then the EU, Common Purpose, immigration and corrupt, purposeful, unscrupulous inefficiency and nepotism is politics will drown us forever. .

  2. Yes, yes, Albert!

    You are not alone at all in your thinking! Look at the analysis of all those comments by signers of the petition to free Norman on

  3. Alan Kroupa says:

    I have delved into this article and if I may I desire to suggest to you few attention-grabbing issues or suggestions. Perhaps we can talk about them.

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