Norman Scarth Day 25 August 2011


Norman Scarth is a WWII veteran currently serving a 6 month sentence in HMP Leeds for audio recording in court!

Today 25th August 2011 will go down in history as FREE NORMAN SCARTH DAY!
However, as the British Justice system is corrupt and unlawful! He is still not free!

I did setup FREEN NORMAN SCARTH WEEK on Facebook as an event. However, facebook has decided to remove this event and several relating to Norman Scarth, which clearly shows we are making an impact here!

Normans plight continues and FREE NORMAN SCARTH WEEK now becomes FREE NORMAN SCARTH MONTH!

The next hearing is scheduled for 1st September 2011 and I expect a lot of people will be in attendance for that appeal hearing at the Royal Courts in London.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the FREE NORMAN SCARTH CAMPAIGN and I emplore every man, woman and child to do just that, in anyway they can!

Norman has his own blog and videos on YouTube and there are various groups and events still on Facebook.

There is also an online petition people can sign at:-…



2 Responses to Norman Scarth Day 25 August 2011

  1. alex says:

    do you know why judges & lawyers are buried 20 feet deep??

    ………………….deep down the`re good people.

  2. alex says:

    strike that if you like but we all need to keep a sense of humor.

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