The Next Move…

Obviously we at Team Norman are highly disappointed with the decision that Mr Justice Wyn Williams made on Thursday 25 August 2011 with Judgment handed down in writing on Friday 26 August 2011.

Our Law team are taking a couple of days out for rest and recuperation, although they have given this initial comment after reading the Judgment

“… further steps will now be taken to remedy this situation, as the Judgment is neither accurate with the judge even appearing to not understand the difference between a McKenzie friend, and a Lay Advocate operating under COMMON LAW,  but that is only a minor point as nor was the Judgment Lawful, as we gave formal notice in writing which was served by fax and post before the hearing to the Court, which remains un-rebutted, outlining our Peaceful intentions to remedy any situation where the Court behaved in the  UNLAWFUL manor that it has, denying the Right to Justice, it was also made clear to all in attendance, that the Judge was sitting on the Queens Bench and Representing the Crown Corporation of London and not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, thereby it would appear that TREASON has been committed, or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has made some sort of deal and sold her people out, either way we intend to find the answer to this, in a peaceful, Lawful way...”

As the Law team donate their time free of charge, it is extremely difficult to cover costs involved in the pursuit of freedom and Justice for all.

Please help us to cover costs which we may have problems recovering otherwise, this consists of courier delivery of documents, faxing and telephone costs, stationary, attendance at Court- travel costs from Leeds, Manchester to London by making a small donation at by clicking here

Thank you for your support, united we fight on, peacefully, until Justice prevails.


9 Responses to The Next Move…

  1. It is disgusting that Norman and Malcolm are still in jail. I think you did really well and I am no expert at standing under the common law in court though I have done a bit of it when nobody in the country including John Harris knew how to approach court and am really not that much further on from there. I know that Norman was doing his own thing anyway and mixing and matching the common law and the legal will never work of course. There were a few things though that I think didn’t help like when the fake judge made his order to Malcolm to make submissions. Submission being to give up something and know what you are giving up in this case jurisdiction which is why I asked Williams what was the legalese definition of submission was. Also virtually everyone stood to ‘Court Rise’ so it is an admission that it is accepted that it is indeed a court and that you are standing under. I never really want to go to a court again having spent to much time on my face on the ground in the years since 2007 and then in the bloody awful courts and as it is so easy to contract if you do anything they say and if you don’t they dishonour anyway as such I really respect your desire to learn the ins and outs of it and having the courage to stand and help others. Thank-you for helping both of them- i know Norman very well and I know it will have helped his spirits enormously the care that he has been shown

  2. Albert Dickson says:

    I dont think that peacefully fighting on will achieve much…this government laughs at peaceful protests and is happy to murder the like of Ian Tomlinson peacefully going about his business. But THE CHICKEN LIVED ONES IN WESTMINSTER screams and cowers when faced with riots as recent events have clearly demonstarted.

  3. Albert Dickson says:

    The real writing has been on the wall for Britain since the abuses of MPs and the PM were exposed. Parliament may think that this issue has faded away but it has not nor will it ever for these scoundrel MPs not only robbed the people but undermined what little credibility that was left to the British democracy system.

    Had the British government not been so able to subdue the masses with their version of the ancient Roman doctrine of Bread and Circuses, I feel it would have been all over at the time of the exposures breaking the news headlines.

    However it did not, but as MPs continue with their corrupt practices on an even larger scale, so too does the seething undercurrents of growing resentment towards government gather momentum. Issues such as Norman Scarth will only serve to hasten the demise of this corrupt system of government…its only a matter of time now, especially as this unwanted coalition stumbles on from one disaster to another.

  4. ……………………………Win for Wyn!…………………………No WIN for NORMAN!
    ……………….Having reflected upon the judgement handed DOWN by by one of the priests of the Temple, of the judicial fraternity……I was underwhelmed with the efficacious(his word) insipid undertone of delivery, with which he disdainfully reviewed the minutia of Normans improprieties,laid before him…..He approached the appeal in the dismissive manner of an aristocrat, dealing with the insurrection of a serf on one of his vassal estates;whilst holding a scented kerchief under his nose to avoid the stench of the sub-humans…..As he deflected to Ms. Lambert- thrice, as if, she had the same magical powers as him to decipher the oracles.It would not have surprised me if she had furnished a silver rinse bowl with rose petals, where the esteemed Wyn,- could wash his hands of the whole unpleasant affair….Am I alone here? or do others discern the same over- enveloping attitude?
    …………………The” socio-pathetic” disregard for Normans health opined directly as a result of Normans oral veracity, defining said”health”further enshrines judge Wyn as a medical doctor now!!.
    …………………I`m of the opinion that Norman was “set-up” at the “get-go” in collusion with the same “black-robed “reptilians that all face the wall in “Plato`s Cave”(google- type in….” Allegory of the Cave”…..-3 paragraphs / easily read, in layman terms-ie-:synopsis)………….I`m also of the opinion that Babs”the anti war protester was arrested at the same time as Norman……..While the British Gov`nt is busy murdering innocent families in Libya & countless other war- torn “Theaters ” with the “BigLie”, to” protect civilians” as justification for meddling in the first place!Serving the “Shadow Masters” behind all gov`nt-world wide!……Its one hell of a coincidence that, when all the attention was on the illegalities of Cameron`s gov`nt , making headlines & the illegalities of the Banksters & the balooning costs of another illegal prosecution of Libya, coupled with the forced austerity being draconinally administered by Brussels,( of all places), onto the people of Britain……………Was`nt it convenient that the “pressure-cooker” of the forced immigration & subsequent ghettoizing of easily identifiable ethnic minorities ……exploded into riots, as the police stood down!…..while the disenfranchised, vented their frustrations…goaded on by “Agent Provocateurs” who in my mind
    set the fires, just like Hitler did, seventy years ago to deflect attention away from the REAL enemy………….
    …………………..Norman with his wisdom of years gone by, can observe the same dark clouds rising as he did in the late 1930`s.He`s seen it before & now the warrior that he is -can see it again.He might not conform to the politically correct double-speak of today…but he is saying it LOUD & CLEAR. to wake people up from the mass hypnosis foisted upon the ” too busy & distracted” of the intentionally manipulated masses- by the few………………………………………
    ……………………This brings it full circle back to the people with the “Power&the Glory” to cast Norman down into one of their dungeons…by infinitesimal reasoning of the myopic “upper-worldly”–stupidity, of using a cannon ball to smite a fly…….Would`nt you like to be there when Julia Middleton gives out for the COMMON PURPOSE community- awards to magistrates J.Rose & Wyn Williams as Peter Mandeleson & Mark Thompson from BBC look on approvingly .
    ……………………..Almost 14,000 people actually read about Normans plight….of those only 2200 bothered to sign his petition & of those only 2/3s left their views to be counted for all to see……..
    ……………………..Have they already won? The very few that rule the MANY? It`s time to wake EVERYONE up & out of their menial servitude & start to look around at the complete travesty your grandfathers fought & died for…..for what?….They abolished slavery; now the slave-traders give us pay cheques…..& Yes it is a Conspiracy!….we`re ruled with fear …Norman Scarth is not!

  5. If inclined-look up -(google) Roberts Rules of…small paragraph but mighty in its simplicity…….Too bad the judiciary does`nt apply the same time-tested formula to all of their dealing with the public at large.

  6. Debra says:

    I’m afraid the law team of Norman is acting quite un-Lawfully. As you know, Elizabeth 2 did not say she would maintain Common Laws, yet you continue to ignore that. Secondly, the judge sitting on the “Queen’s Bench”, as you put it, represent E2 directly, and the judges took an Oath proving this.
    Since, neither judges, nor so-called Queen has sworn an oath to Common Laws, explain why you demand it to be followed, when there is nothing to base your persistence, thus altering both Oaths.
    Lawful Rebellion has claimed the Judicial Oath is to Common Law, and in fact, it absolutely is not.
    Lawfully the only Laws that can be upheld are the Laws of God found in the Royal Collection Bible.
    Common laws, which you emphasise, are subjugated to higher Laws which are The Laws of God.

    • Quite the contrary, they are acting within the Law, and it is something that you can do too.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please do not attack those that do good work, if you can do better, do so!

      Law is an interpretation only, fact previously established in Court.

  7. Debra says:

    Thank you for replying. Quite the contrary, I’m not attacking those who do good. I am questioning
    “they are acting within the Law”. Your reply evades the “facts” in my comment. Please address it.

  8. alex says:

    Debra should take her blindfold off,- as she failed to discern it was a zebra & not a horses ass.The issue here is that judge Wyn Williams had the discretionary power to release Norman Scarth a few days ago, to which he disingenuously declined.Thus exhibiting the callus disregard of a “gargoyle” with a stone cold heart, perched high on a corner stone of the judiciary ramparts……Why quibble about the thickness of the rope that hangs him ?….while 86yr old Norman is shivering on hard cot without his medication & his right to live a free man, denied him. He earned that right a long time ago.They don`t seem to teach about empathy or compassion in order to pass the bar.Its a pity because then they`d actually have to possess emotions rather than being possessed. It was at his DISCRETION—He DECLINED….”They care not who makes the laws– Its who controls the nations wealth”… where have I heard that before? Rothschild?

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