Royal Courts of Justice listing

Thu, 25 Aug 2011



Thursday 25 August, 2011
At half past 10

Applications for Permission
CO/7741/2011 Scarth v Governor Of Hm Prison Armley

Please contribute whatever you can by making a paypal donation  to the  three man Litigation team at by clicking here  Time and effort are donated free of charge, and it is merely to cover costs that we make this appeal.


2 Responses to Royal Courts of Justice listing

  1. David Mccann says:

    Dear MR JUSTICE WYN WILLIAMS, we the people appeal to you to treat this particular case with great sensitivity and care, – as we are deeply concerned about Norman Scarth’s health, and of his age which is 86 years old. It’s currently horrendous for him being held in a category B prison. So it is for these reasons alone we ask you to take these points into consideration when summing up the mitigating evidence of this case, – and that the conclusion you decided to come to, – will at least permit you to grant Mr Scarth bail, – and that an alternative can be sought in how the courts should deal with such a brave man and British war hero such as Norman Scarth, as I’m sure this case can be dealt with without Mr Scarth having to remain in custody. We thank you in advance for your consideration, – and respects to Justice.

  2. Dear Norman,

    I hope this will be published and taken to you. I am sorry about the outcome of your hearing. I hope you survive the 6 months and lets hope the Prison service sees sense.


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