Norman Scarth covered by Russia Today

This is screengrab quality of the Russia Today broadcast on 22 August 2011 by reporter Laura Emmett on the plight of Norman Scarth

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2 Responses to Norman Scarth covered by Russia Today

  1. David Mccann says:

    Great to see it’s getting wider publicity. – As Norman points outs: “Like the Germans at the start of WW2 most of the British people today are happy to behave like ostriches or are too cowardly to speak up. It was wonderful for the Germans then, but there was a heavy price to pay in the end. There will be again.” And he also quite rightly says that “anyone who does not make their voices heard should not complain if they or theirs should end up in a gas chamber.” Too many people have evidence of the endemic corruption that is polluting all courts, local authorities, government agencies and almost all other spheres of power, in all societies. If nothing is done about it there will be world wide Anarchy. When that happens, everyone loses. The present system is unsustainable and will not protect the corrupt, the guilty and the ostriches forever”.

  2. Albert Dickson says:


    Norman has been right all along and even though his incarceration is dreadful injustice it will serve only to prove his point.

    Britain has now become an evil despotic country and is heading for grave social unrest.

    Good on you Norman I wish you all the power to your (our) cause!

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