Please spread far and wide that the case in the matter of Scarth v HMP Leeds reconvenes for a full trial on Thursday 25 August 2011, after the hearing on the 18th, where with the Writ of Habeas Corpus was Ordered to be serviced by the Court in full Public view on HMP Leeds and also the Ministry of Justice was to be notified.

We invite as many people as possible to come down and witness a moment in history as we, the people hold the Prison, Judiciary, Crown and Government to account in a peaceful Lawful Rebellion on behalf of our friend Norman Scarth, a WWII hero and Human Rights  Veteran and Activist, held UNLAWFULLY in HMP Leeds violating not only his inalienable God given rights as a living man, but many Acts of statute Law as written in Legal terms by the Government.

There is international media interest along with domestic interest too, as what is happening here is historic, in the fact of the people coming together to achieve this, and allow this to happen, despite the many hurdles that we face, we are overcoming and working together for a better, brighter future for all, in the name of our friend Norman Scarth the living man.

There cannot be much more comment on the progress of the case until then as anything said may jeopardise the outcome, although, what is historic is that this is our Lawful Rebellion and a peaceful means of resolving problems in the face of images on the Television of businesses closing due to being burnt out while the minority run on the rampage, we are the majority, we are the peace, we are united and will NEVER be divided.

Be there on Thursday 25 August 2011 at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London to help a friend and be part of history in the making, having overcome all the delays and hurdles so far, Norman Scarth will be heard via Video link as per his own wish of not wanting to suffer Prison transport from Leeds to London in no comfort, and little flesh on his buttocks (his own words), and he will be represented by a three man Litigation team where the Prison governor or his deputy will have to give good cause as to why Norman Scarth should not be released, the Ministry of Justice has been notified and they have the power to intervene,  in the words of Mr Justice Wyn Williams “You never know who will be here next week”.


2 Responses to Scarth vs HMP Leeds – HISTORY IN THE MAKING

  1. Noel O'Gara says:

    If Norman’s supporters in court on Thursday show solidarity by holding their mobile phones out as soon as judge Wyn Williams enters the court and so give him the impression that they are all recording him.
    He will not know if some or all of the group are actually recording him and therefore there would be no evidence to support a charge of contempt even if he called in 50 police.
    If the group hold their nerve, dont take heed of his order to switch off and keep their phones held aloft, he could not call that contempt?
    Wyn Williams would have to leave the phone carrying public in his court and then go on to further terrorise and put the life of an old veteran in a prison cell for the same thing or order his release.
    Norman has highlighted how the judges hide and cover up their judicial crimes by their rules of no cameras or recording in their courts.
    He could not jail the lot of them but this mass action just might cause a media debate that would open the courts to scrutiny like they do in every civilised country in the world. The British judges say the rule protects the innocent but it is really to protect their absolute power and perversion from scrutiny.

  2. David Forman says:

    Dear Mr Singh,

    I wish to raise my concerns regarding the case of one of your constituents, Norman Scarth, who was imprisoned in Leeds jail for 6 months for recording a court hearing.

    Mr Scarth had apparently been given permission to record previous court sessions due to his poor hearing. On the session in question, Mr Scarth switched on his audio recorder prior to asking permission. This prompted a ‘jobsworth’ support worker to report him.

    Whilst the jails are filling up with the victims of capitalism arising from the Riots, should society tolerate the jailing of a 85 year old man for an innocent oversight?

    The old adage that “justice should be seen to be done” clearly does not apply in Mr Scarth’s case. His sentence is wholly disproportionate to the ‘crime’.

    The recent riots have shown the courts to be a vindictive arm of the State, but why should a 85 year-old WWII veteran be collateral damage in a class war?

    I therefore call upon you to support the early release of Mr Scarth on compassionate grounds. Mr Scarth personally wishes to be given a Queen’s pardon. I hope you will feel able to support either method.

    David Forman
    Harlow TUC

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