Please forward this and attend and show your support

Administrative Court and Divisional Courts sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice



0207 947 6000



Thursday 18 August, 2011
At half past 10

CO/7741/2011 Scarth v Governor Of HM Prison Armley


3 Responses to Please forward this and attend and show your support

  1. Shaun Clough says:

    I won’t be able to make the long & expensive trip to London from Yorkshire, but i’ll be there in spirit.
    Hope it all goes well.

  2. peter oakes says:

    The corruption and torture for exposing corrupt judges is now plain for all to see !
    HM Prisons defy ECHR because a corrupt Judge say,s Norman was in Contempt of a Court !

    Norman is trying his best to uphold British Law & Justice by exposing corrupt judiciary
    re: Nueberger Master of the Rolls and concealer of offences Who uses the Courts and Insolvency Service- Land Registry for thefts & frauds !

    Today will be another nail in the coffin of Democracy & Freedom ? Or a great triumph for truth & justice !

    It is the judges who are in Contempt of Court & Parliamentary Democracy

  3. Noel O'Gara says:

    If Norman’s supporters in court on Thursday show solidarity by holding their mobile phones out as soon as judge Wyn Williams enters the court and so give him the impression that they are all recording him.
    He will not know if some or all of the group are actually recording him and therefore there would be no evidence to support a charge of contempt even if he called in 50 police.
    If the group hold their nerve, dont take heed of his order to switch off and keep their phones held aloft, he could not call that contempt?
    Wyn Williams would have to leave the phone carrying public in his court and then go on to further terrorise and put the life of an old veteran in a prison cell for the same thing or order his release.
    Norman has highlighted how the judges hide and cover up their judicial crimes by their rules of no cameras or recording in their courts.
    He could not jail the lot of them but this mass action just might cause a media debate that would open the courts to scrutiny like they do in every civilised country in the world. The British judges say the rule protects the innocent but it is really to protect their absolute power and perversion from scrutiny.

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