Open letter to Norman Scarth’s MP

Dear Ms. Singh:

I am sure that, by now, you are aware of the appalling conditions that Mr. Norman Scarth, your constituent, is suffering in Leeds Prison.

He is almost 86, served his country, was decorated by the Russians for his work as an Arctic Convoy veteran in the British Royal Navy, and is being abused simply for turning on an audio device in court.

In just four days, 866 people from around the world have expressed their outrage at the treatment of Mr. Scarth. The petition continues to grow. There is much media attention, and no doubt the media will be asking questions of Members of Parliament.

Will you please show your support for this very brave and frail man, and speak to Mr. Kenneth Clarke, or whoever you need to speak to in order to get him out of there immediately – before there is blood on everyone’s hands.

I am sure you will follow your conscience. Also, will you please sign the petition.

Thank you so much.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Jean James


2 Responses to Open letter to Norman Scarth’s MP

  1. john webster says:

    frankly i am disgusted what is he supposed to have done wrong i notice some of our muslim brothers are not treated nearly so harshly but then they have teams of lawyers and other expensive help

  2. Thorson says:

    WOW, am fucking disgusted at the treatment of this fine Gentleman!

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