Free Norman Scarth Update 17.08.2011 – Please sign click to sign the petition if you have not done so already.

We would like to inform you all that today, after many phone calls and applications and re-application, we have finally had our application for Writ of Habeas Corpus approved.

In accordance with the Writ, on Thursday 18th August 2011 Norman Scarth, along with his Jailer will be brought before the Royal Courts of Justice (possibly via video link from Leeds), and Chris Jarvis will be arguing the case for release of Mr Scarth in the wider public interest.

The Jailer will have to give good cause as to why Mr Scarth should not be released.

We ask ALL of you for your support to attend the Royal Courts of Justice as these are your rights that we are attempting to uphold.

This is history in the making as far as we know for a man to stand up for another man, and this to have bypassed the solicitors and barristers that would normally deal with such matters.

At the moment we do not have a time allocation for the hearing, there will be further updates as we get them.

Kindest of regards,

Team Norman


4 Responses to Free Norman Scarth Update 17.08.2011

  1. Thanks so much for spearheading this & putting the edge of the pry-bar under the -“Fascist boot-heel” of the “boot-lickers” that put him there…..Those born without a conscience, have no problem looking down on the sub-humans…ask anyone in the 4th Reich…they probably sleep just fine at night….unlike Norman is now…perhaps he`ll rest easier knowing we`re all pulling for him……

  2. Peter Prankerd says:

    The committal of Norman Scarth may be considered yet another example of criminal judicial oppression. It is yet a further instance of malign abuse of power to silence by lawful means, but with unlawful motive to gag an outspoken citizen by yet another calculated, vicious attack by the orchestrated agencies of State. This forced subjugation by cruelty, affliction, and torment of an 84 year old war hero is machiavellian in its sinister motive. Given the circumstances, should Norman Scarth die in prison, it may rightfully be considered attempted murder in its tyrannical conspiracy to deny the prisoner his rights at law by solitary confinement, and alleged withholding medication, access to legal representation, and incarceration in an inadequately heated cell. Otherwise, such harsh misuse of judicial power, carried into effect under the colour of lawful jurisdiction, is palpably a pure tort of unfettered evil which engages breach of the judicial oath, and the victim’s right to justice in mercy. Public outrage at such an inhuman sentence is wholly justified when it is obvious the law is indeed an ass, and that the sentence, though lawful, was a dishonest exercise of judicial office, and an indubitable breach of the judicial oath.
    Between 1939 to 1945, Norman Scarth fought for this country with his comrades against the selfsame insane powers of evil to preserve the freedoms, lives, and aspirations of oppressed peoples such as the Jews. Such men should be honoured and revered, not thrown into prison by one of a generation who was not even born, let alone experienced the multiple degradations, privations, and sorrows of war.

  3. […] Chris Jarvis also served amended Grounds of Appeal and Skeleton Argument on the court and briefly addressed the court that he was Norman’s McKenzie man regarding the Habeas Corpus. […]

  4. […] Chris Jarvis also served amended Grounds of Appeal and Skeleton Argument on the court and briefly addressed the court that he was Norman’s McKenzie man regarding the Habeas Corpus. […]

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