Transcript below handwritten text.


Monday 8th Aug. 2011


From Norman Scarth, WW2 Veteran, Prisoner Number A1903CF, Wing D 240, Leeds Prison.

Your Majesty,

At your coronation you swore BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD to “DELIVER JUSTICE WITH MERCY”. I cannot hope for Justice, but ask that you abide by your Oath & show MERCY by granting me a PARDON.

I served your grandfather as a Wolf Cub & Boy Scout: I served your father by joining the Royal Navy in WW2, was on the Arctic Russian Convoys & in the Scharnhorst battle, lucky to survive when brave men were dying around me in large numbers. Since the war I have served you by working honestly & hard, harder than ever now.

On Monday 25th July 2011 I walked into Your Majesty’s Crown Court in Bradford & entered the public gallery for a case I was interested in, and sat there as quietly as a mouse. Half an hour later (I) was dragged off to a police station in handcuffs, then to Leeds Prison, where I am now. I am SUPPOSED to be here for ‘Contempt of Court’, but am really here to silence me. The savage sentence proves the ‘bias?’ (a euphemism) of the judge. SIX MONTHS for a man of 85 is equivalent to 15 – 20 YEARS for a younger man.

WHY should a judge wish to silence me? There is a horror story behind this, but no space to tell here. Your Majesty’s Prisons are NOT ‘Holiday Camps’ as the Press pretend. So far I have suffered 14 days of torment, requests to see the doctor and Legal Officer ignored. Denied medication prescribed for me outside. I am denied access to Lawyers, denied the documents needed to start my own appeal, denied ALL the things to which we are supposed to have access.


I have proved my loyalty to your Grandfather, your father, & yourself.

I am too proud to beg for the MERCY which you swore to deliver, but ask that you prove the words of your Oath really meant something.

The ‘UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners’ is contemptuously ignored.

From Norman Scarth, veteran of the Arctic Russian Convoy & the Scharnhorst battle of World War 2.

Now a victim of injustice in one of Your Majesty’s Court(s) from one of Your Majesty’s Judges, and suffering torment & mental torture in one of Your Majesty’s Prisons.

Signed Norman Scarth

PS There is much criminality by those who guard us. The book ‘PRISONGATE’ (by Your Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prison, General Sir David Ramsbottom) tells only a part of it.




  1. Mrs W. Prati says:

    Scum can kill, steal, assult innocent people, set fire to shops and cars and do what they want and get away with it. Free Norman Scarth.

  2. This is in response, to so many voices, with fear & loathing directed towards the”scum”…Take a step back & look at the -Big-Picture-…..expand the timeline view to lets say 2008.With all the abject plunder of the “gravy-train” real-estate bubble & subsequent collapse & bailout of the banks,whilst the “Banksters” extracted even more for themselves while turning their backs on the very public that had bailed them out!… They had essentially cast out a large net…let it “set”…let the “fish” become comfortable and reeled it in, to dump into their holding tanks.The “snakes & ladders”economic model is designed to obfuscate & cast a spell of “wonder” into the minds of their perceived inferiors….us! ….This con-game has worked on the intentionally befuddled public for centuries & all the bright ones who have seen through this grand illusion, are weeded out like the Spartans did to their human “beasts” that worked the fields.Any of the “beasts” that showed the slightest glint of intelligence were slipped out of the herd for an ignominious end…….much like they are trying to do with Master Seaman Norman Scarth…What does this have to do with my opening remarks?……The power & the glory of the present government is the same as the one before & the one before that.This dichotomous strategy of dividing us into two camps & setting each, at each others throats, is also a time tested, “problem-reaction-solution”(Hegalian Dialect) solution to control the mob……Since the inception of contrived “austerity” programs thrust upon us as a counter measure by the very people who have perpetrated this myth with their larcenous gluttony, still unabated….. ….they spend billions of tax payers money on the “War on Terror”by targeting innocent &defenceless women & children of sovereign countries, too numerous to list here.These same policy administrators have steadily been dismantling the cohesion of the harmonious public programs essential for an egalitarian society & so called “democracy” to exist. The open- border- policy, instituted years ago has finally born fruit in the form of alienating & “hot-housing” & dividing different ethnic groups & subsequent de-funding & ghettoizing disparate communities.Crowd them all together & feed them on processed G.M.O.s.aspartame,fluoride etc.then take away all the natural supplements( ie:codex alimentarious)….then preoccupy the collective mind, with an all out assault by all the privately owned multi-media of mass distraction & subliminal manipulation using every industrial psychiatric/psychological charm devised since Ed Bernays (nephew of Freud) & the Tavistock Institute, branched into advertising/mind -control……….As I just watched David Cameron lambaste the easily distinguishable rioters. I imagined he was standing in front of a mirror with his elite cronies, behind him; proselytizing to their very own dark shadows.(When you point your finger at someone,you have three more pointing back at you).This to is an ancient ploy to distract us, with shock & awe ( no doubt in my mind)- “agent-provocateurs” to whip up the resentments , frustrations & disillusions of unattainable desires, placed there by the “Hollywood dream-machine ….to take our attention away from the- totalitarian tip-toe, looming in front of us.This all being ORCHESTRATED at the highest levels! & has been, for centuries; especially in the last one hundred years ….They want us to point our fingers at anyone but them….Please try & see beyond what is presented to our immediate-, EMOTIONAL -triggers. Let the fish bowl settle & re-clarify our view, of what & whom the real puppet masters are.This dire predicament, we are all faced with is what gives these appointed magistrates & their thugs,- the callus psychopathy & sadistic licence to perpetrate & inflict upon Mr. Norman Scarth & anyone else that dares to question their power & their glory.Its been said that a true measure of any “civilized” society is by how we treat our most vulnerable & disadvantaged…..aellinson@citywest.ca

  3. this is for Chris Jarvis…..please feel free to print off & redistribute to any one who can help.I`d like both my comments to be sent to the magistrate in question as I don`t know who he is.I think it prudent not to to send the letter until after he gets out as this thick-skinned arbitrator probably has a very thin -skin when it comes to the truth.I live 1/2 a world away but I am a dual citizen having been born in Bournemouth.It upsets me to no end as to how he`s being treated Thanks for caring Like I said ,he could just as easily been my grandfather..good on ya mate.

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