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UPDATE :A Writ of Habeus Corpus application was served correctly upon the Royal Courts of Justice, 9.08.11 and was denied, reasons were given in writing and a re-submission has taken place by hand delivery service to the Royal Courts of Justice from Leeds on 12.08.11, meanwhile Norman is being delayed the right to justice which contravenes article 40 of the Magna Carta as currently written in UK Legislation. A PEACEFUL, STATIC GATHERING HAS TAKEN PLACE 13.08.11 OUTSIDE HMP LEEDS WITH A LARGE TURN OUT IN THE PEACEFUL NAME OF ALL OUR HUMAN RIGHTS AND OUR FRIEND AND HERO MR NORMAN SCARTH


Mr Norman Scarth is an 85-year-old decorated war veteran who has recently been incarcerated and put in jail for 6 months for using a recording device in a Court, in his attempt to uncover corruption during a court trial in Bradford.

Mr Scarth served aboard the HMS Matchless destroyer during the WW2 and most notably fought against the German Battleship Sharnhorst at the battle of the North Cape.

Many people are worried for the health of this elderly war veteran, who has not been afforded Legal representation of his choosing, with visitor restrictions or access to his medication for muscle cramps, which has been causing him intense pain.

The case is particularly concerning, because Mr Scarth committed an apparent offence, was detained, had a hearing, was sentenced and imprisoned all in the same day.

This is highly irregular practice and did not allow for Mr Scarth to be Lawfully sentenced. There was no Lawful due process.

There is also outrage that he is being held in Armley prison, a category B institution that generally holds prisoners for much more serious offence.

Supporters are massively concerned about the health and safety of an 85-year-old man in this kind of environment.

Mr Scarth decided to record a trial and the judge observed this and requested that he did not. Mr Scarth declined and an argument ensued, resulting in Mr Scarth’s detainment.

What is ironic, is that Mr Scarth has been a campaigner against injustice for many years.

In 1998 Mr Scarth was single handedly responsible for an important European Court of Human Rights case (Scarth v UK) against the British judicial system. This case involved removing the restrictions in Legislation of hearing matters in private that might violate a Person’s Right to a fair trial.

Chris Jarvis, who is a close friend of Mr Scarth, has said:

We are all very shaken about the case and concerned about Normans safety and well being. We are especially appealed at the speed of the imprisonment, which did not allow for any form of defence to be built up for Norman. Also, he is currently being refused legal representation, visitor rights, and we are worried that he is not getting his medication. We’re also worried about his housing situation- if he survives his prison sentence for the full 6 months, he may not have a home to return to. For all this to happen to an 86 year old man, who has given so much to this country, both in the military and in his human rights campaigns, just for using a camera in court seems massively unjust. This is a man who is entitled to the everyday rights that we the public take for granted, and in particular this man is being effective tortured by the removal of his medication contrary to Article 3 of the human rights act that prohibits torture as written in UK Legislation”



Find out more information here

For Further Information please contact:

Tony Murray


Chris Jarvis



  1. Jean says:

    Ask the right questions!

  2. At a time when looters and rioting scum are being set free with a conditional discharge. The courts behavour towards this gentleman shows how low the justice system in this country has sunk. The time has come for the post’s of judges and majestrates to be positions elected by the public. No longer should self opinionated and pompous control frieks be allowed to judge us

  3. Dolores says:

    I wish I could be there to support Norman, I’m in N.I. I wish all who possible can do so and I send him my best wishes.

  4. Vince says:

    It appears to me to be a personal vendetta by the Judge against Mr Scarthy for a pithy misdemeanor offense. It also appears by the rapid way of Mr Scarthys incarceration that Mr Scarthy did not have any legal representation which is illegal in itself. The sentence does not fit the crime by any standard whatsoever. In fact the whole case needs to be fully investigated as it appears that the judge has done what he wanted and not what the law wanted.

    I am frankly disgusted yet again with all these breaches in human rights that I am reading about every day both here and abroad.

  5. Duncan Murray says:

    Just let him out for Christ’s sake! What an earth is going on that British people can treat their respected countrymen like this. The scum in charge beware; There’s a universal law of justice, and the eyes of the truth are ALWAYS watching YOU.

  6. If you can’t be at the demo, maybe you can sign and share the petition to Free Norman Scarth? See or

  7. Bri. says:

    Once again it becomes all too apparent that in the UK. Those who make the law, and those who administer the law, are indeed a law unto themselves.
    Also in the UK. There is a profound difference between administering the law, and administering justice. They are worlds apart, as has been shown not only in this case, but in the Hollie Grieg case as well.

  8. gordon says:

    To imprison anyone without a jury of his peers is unlawful. Magna Carta 1215 refers.

  9. stargate1990 says:

    i always get told about these things only a day away lol i cant make this one but best of luck to everyone there 🙂

  10. Jean says:

    Norman kept in solitary confinement, denied medications and access to a lawyer. In constant torture from pain. Corrupt Leeds Prison officers steal his legal documents and stamps. Cannot communicate by mail. Norman has spent the last fifteen years of his life exposing corruption in courts, police and government. Locked away to die.

  11. shane says:

    There is something very sinister going on in the U. K . and the U.S.A. that the average Joe does not see. It really does come down to the rule of law. / These politicians who love to speak about civil society are the the very ones undermining it. / Rome did not fall it merely moved to an island called ENGLAND. / The Irish have known and fought against this for hundreds of years.

  12. ………………Born in Bournemouth 1951,I lost two grandfathers @ sea during WWII…now as I gaze into norman`s eyes, on the image before me…I see their ghosts,norm`s brothers in arms & for all I know he might of had their acquaintance .This missive is in honor of all those that died in unspeakable horror & sacrificed as so much cannon fodder…..All this, orchestrated by those on lofty perches far & away from the killing fields of war……
    The callus,despicable incarceration of Mr.Norman Scarfe,-exemplifies the true nature of this seemingly eternal beast we see materializing before us today.
    This gargoyle,dressed in black robes & wig…sits behind his vaulted bench like some imperial eagle,with gavel & fascia gripped tightly in his talons-dispensing “justice” with the same intoned arrogance & arrogate imbued by a lifetime of groveling at the feet of his masters…..The “Masters ” in turn; this scoin of generational psychopathy & rampant narcissism…cold & dismissive…they rule with a rod of iron & no mercy is shown anyone,who does not do as they are told……then they lead us- obedient chattel to their abattoir of needs & hunger for slaves full cycle.
    This magistrate so obviously, in total disconnect from any hint of empathy & compassion has chosen norman as his “whipping boy”….a sacrificial lamb upon which to inflict all the rage of his lordships dark emptiness & secret terror & fears he`s never had the courage to face in the shadows of his own sycophancy ,Bullies are often cowards.
    I`ve listened & learned about all Norman has to say…….He stands as a beacon to those that must open their eyes to see…He`s been there! He knows what he`s talking about! He`s seen the horror of what he sees before us all….its already happening! Salute this man of un- boundable courage
    WAKE UP!…the truth does not fear those who fear the truth as do the “old serpents that stand with their backs to the sun-and trace their laws like shadows in the sand”(G.Gibran) Norman Scarfe is my grandfather…….Alex (…good luck you old “sea-dog”

  13. this is day 2 of my original missive & still I`m not posted….AM I Being CENSORED??? who “moderates this site? I`ve received no notification of any kind…hopefully I`m barking up the wrong tree & those responsible for site maintenance are busy outside the incarcerating prison of the unjustly accused Norman Scarth.

    • Sorry, but yes we are a little slow due to so many other things going on, but it is great to see your passion! We will endeavour to do a little better at responding and approving in future. Lets hope our friend is out soon.

  14. Jean says:

    you are posted – what do you mean?

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